10 beautiful alternative Disney movie posters

Friend of TQS and graphic designer Rowan Stocks Moore (twitter: @rowansm) is back again. This time with his take on Disney. Check out his designs below. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to be the first to hear about new poster collections.

alternative alice in wonderland poster

So which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. Remember you can find more out about Rowan and see more of his work over on his Tumblr and purchase limited edition prints of these designs on his Etsy page. You can also check out Rowan’s previous collections of Oscar movie posters and alternative book covers.

These images are not to be used or reproduced in any way without express permission from TQS and Rowan, use the contact form to get in touch.


  1. Alan

    Sublime stuff, Row. You really should put this in the face of movers and shakers in the industry.
    The Snow White one gets to the ‘heart’ of the problem. If anyone has ever read the Grimm original – well, it’s grislier than Hollywood; and more real. Terrible ending for the baddy.

  2. Alan

    But, my favourite is Pinnochio. The escaping ‘ I ‘ is a lovely concept. It is his nose!
    The lying nose runs away from his identity. Bloody good, my boy!

  3. Alan

    They are all poster graphic and would look great on any enormous placing on a motorway. You got something there.

  4. katy

    Love the colour choice, particularly the monochrome. My favourite is the Bambi one. The ” Tree antlers” are magic !

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  7. fuse theorem

    I really like the Snow White and the 101 Dalmatians posters. I want to like the Alice in Wonderland one but I can’t quite figure it out. Is that supposed to be the Queen of Hearts? If so, why does she the clubs symbol on her head?

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  13. Elizabeth T.

    Bambi is elegant and disturbing. I like it the best – but the Lion King shows a visceral power using a realistic lion (i.e. his teeth). 101 Dalmations gets kudos for being cute. And it took me a minute to get the clock/watch split between the sides. All in all, a very appealing and witty presentation of the titles.

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  16. katy

    I think the Sleeping Beauty is the best. Now I’ve thought about it. It’s sexy. The Prince’s pathway to his destined love crawls over her chest! And, then the kiss in the castle! Enough classical fairy tale and no spoiler endowed in image.
    Where’s Yiannas gone?

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  18. Susan

    Peter Pan, definitely – the Big Ben/Crocodile mix/match-up was perfect, right down to the clock in both of them. It also gives the very strong impression that Neverland is just a flick of an eye away from wherever you are

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    • katy

      Copyright problems do not arise with classic fairy stories and others. They are public domain after 50-70 years. This is why they are free to download as ebooks.

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  27. Margaux

    The Bambi one is really great, and the Lion King one also ! Although some are really simple, it’s really interesting and so much prettier than the actual movie posters !
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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  33. katy

    The best are not Disney. They are pure fairytale. They tap into the dark roots of the centuries-old tales. Disney appropriated them, as cultural memories from nursery days for all Western people. Rowan has re-appropriated them, and needs no Disney back reference. They are tales of dream and wonder – Disney owns nothing about such stuff. They live in our dreams; without animation.

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  37. James Bronson

    I really like the Bambi poster. It captures the essence of a deer losing his innocence on the night of his mother’s death – kind of how ours was lost when we witnessed this event during childhood. However, like Bambi, we grew up to be fully functional adults.

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