15 Weirdest Game of Thrones Products on Etsy

We love Game of Thrones, just not as much as these guys. We’ve scoured the Game of Thrones craft products available on Etsy and were amused, intrigued and often terrified at what the epic series has inspired people to create. We run down the top 15 weirdest Game of Thrones products:

15. Jon Snow Doll

The likeness is terrifying.

jon snow doll
14. Game of Clones Poster 

May The Seven be with you.

13. Renly and Loras Rainbow Tees

Like the Kingsguard, except more fabulous.

renly loras rainbow
12. Dire Wolf Mask

When Green Dreams just aren’t enough anymore.

dire wolf mask
11. Dragon Eggs

For The Khaleesi in your life.

dragon eggs
10. Drogo and Dany Figures

For the therapist in your life.

drogo and dany figures
9. Keep Calm and Stick ’em with the Pointy End Poster

Interior design gone wrong.

keep calm and stick em with the pointy end
8. Lannister iPad Case

Hear me Roar, and play Angry Birds.

lannister ipad case
7. Dire Wolf Cake Pops 

That’s no way to treat a Lady. Think about it.

dire wolf cake pops
6. Crochteted Sansa and Lady

Why? Just why?

sansa and lady
5. As High as Honour Coffee Cozy

As high as a kite more like. ZING.

game of thrones coffee cozy
4. Night’s Watch Oath Cross Stitch

When temptation strikes.

nights watch cross stitch
3. Stark Business Card Holder

Second meeting not guaranteed.

stark business card
2. Dany Cat Nip

Gives new meaning to ‘crazy cat lady’.

dany cat nip
1. Replica Davos Finger Bones Pouch

When your outfit just needs that extra something.

davos bones
Well there we have it, our run down of the weirdest Game of Thrones products out there, seen anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below:

By Jamie McHale

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