40 Goodies and 40 Baddies Posters

At the risk of sounding uncultured, one of our favourite bits of our trip the the V&A Hollywood Costumes Exhibition last week was the gift shop. Sure, it was filled with the usual overpriced tat but it also contained these wonderful prints by Robert M Ball. Featuring 80 of film’s most iconic goodies and baddies, they’d make a perfect addition to any movie-lover’s bedroom wall.

Help us out a bit though, who’s the baddie in the beret on the bottom row? We’re stumped.

 40 Goodies

40 goodies v and a hollywood costume

40 Baddies

40 baddies v and a hollywood costumes


Is your favourite iconic goodie or baddie missing? Let us know in the comments below.

Both prints are available for purchase here and here.


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