A confession: I want to see One Direction Live. Sorrynotsorry.

Let’s talk for a moment about guilty pleasures shall we? We all have them. They’re always embarrassing, usually skin-crawlingly naff, and weirdly not actually something that we keep that secret – in fact most people can’t make enough noise about their guilty pleasures. Oh, hipster irony. I actually have one that until recently I’ve been legitimately fairly embarrassed about, as one of a group of friends that pride themselves on sharing things from Soundcloud a mere ten minutes after they were uploaded, and knowing the exact remix of that track that was at 12:19 in that set that so and so played at this club. It’s all terribly serious.

So I am here today to say that I am not afraid anymore. I hereby admit that I love One Direction. I love them so much. Their songs are a tidy pop 3:30, horribly catchy, really cute, and FUN. And I can’t really pretend that all five of them being exceptionally well turned out young chaps doesn’t help things along somewhat. And so it is that at 25, I am entirely owning up to being a blithering, swooning One Direction enthusiast. I shan’t say Directioner. I’m not that comfortable with it yet….but I’ll almost certainly get there.

As you may be aware, One Direction are about to embark upon a colossal stadium tour, and the potential decibels produced by the screaming make my ears want to cry. Cry and scream along. They’ll be descending upon Dublin for three of the dates, bringing their next level boyband wonderment to the fans in Ireland, who are probably preparing hate mail/fan art/Harry Real Dolls (delete as appropriate kids) as we speak. The thoroughly gigantic Croke Park Stadium in the Emerald Isle’s capital will be housing the mayhem, which will be taking place from Friday the 23rd May – Sunday 25th May. I for one am seriously considering donning a pair of industrial ear muffs to see the sensations in person.

Yes that’s right. Sensations. Let’s do us a bit of X-Factor shall we? *best announcer voice* The first band in US Billboard 200 history to have their first three albums debut at number one.  The fastest and biggest selling UK album of 2013. ALL ABSOLUTE BABES (okay he probably wouldn’t say that).

So some advice on how to get yourself over to said concert without anyone knowing that you’re going because you actually love One Direction. You will need: one or two younger relatives. Got ‘em? Good. Now you’re going to get amazing auntie/sister/cousin points by chaperoning them to see One Direction in Ireland as a total treat because you’re just so selfless and kind. You could probably pay for it all and make it look like an incredible birthday or early Christmas gift, particularly when hotels are so cheap in good old EIRE.

So there you have it. I’ve outed myself as a huge One Direction enthusiast, and for the benefit of those who aren’t as comfortable in their need to skip over to Dublin to see them live, I’ve provided an absolutely watertight excuse to go discreetly, undetected. Just sit there and take it all in. Look outwardly confused and bewildered by the goings on, but inside rejoice, because you know that they’re totally singing it to you and you’re deffo going to get married.

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