A few Blockbusters you should have in your DVD collection

Everyone has a list of films that they love and would recommend others to see. But there are some films that you simply musn’t miss since they helped to shape cinema as we know it today. Some of those movies might not seem too interesting when watching them today, but they were extremely influential on the movies to come and should be part of every DVD collection. Extraordinary special effects or new ways of storytelling, the directors of those movies found a way to fascinate people from all over the world with their work.

Special Effects Innovation from the past

Matrix with its ground-breaking slow-motion-technology and computer animations was one of the milestones that led into a new world of cinema, where almost half (in some cases all) of the movie is computer-animated. Due to this technology the special effects of action and superhero movies could be much more realistic without putting anyone’s life in danger. But some of the special effects that we nowadays take for granted where amazing breakthroughs back in the days. For example the 1989 hit “Back to the Future II” was the first movie to use the VistaGlide technology, which allowed the same person to be in the same scene twice and interact with his counterpart. Also the remakes of old movies use new technology to give the movie a more realistic feeling. An example for this is the classic movie Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (who just returned to the screens with The Expendables 2) and the remake starring Colin Farell.

New Storytelling Methods

A director who became famous by telling the story from different perspectives or starting it from the end is Quentin Tarantino. He made his breakthrough with Pulp Fiction, a movie with not only a great cast, but also a fascinating plot. Jumping from one story to another and making them collide in some situations is the actual brilliance of the movie. Every good movie store should have a copy of those movies, but it is sometimes much easier to buy them online. You can even buy them as you go, all you have to do is set up PayPal on your mobile. This is an easy way to stock up your Blockbuster collection without wasting any time.

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