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Winter Show at Plus One Gallery

Still life has been a well practiced subject in art for centuries. It gives us the opportunity to appreciate the beauty that lies within everyday objects we so often overlook. Hyperrealists Jacques Bodin, Pedro Campos and Elena Molinari all create…


Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield?

Title: Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield? In a recent article, we took a look at a pivotal question that every sensible film fanatic has to ask himself at one point or another: what would you do if…


3 essential tips for aspiring creatives

The creative industry has become a key part of the UK economy, making up a steadily growing portion of the job market. In 2013, creative industries employment accounted for 5.6% of jobs in the UK, that is 1.71 million jobs….


What Would You Do If You Could Use The Force?

When you think of Star Wars, you often think of the force. It’s one of the most iconic things about the franchise. It’s powerful, quite mysterious and something we all wish we could master. So what exactly would you do…

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Science of the film screenplay

A screenplay is the raw essence of a film. Whether it’s absorbing dialogue or even memorable shots – a screenplay maps out the basic settings, characters, scenes and even camera shots in a film. Cartridge Discount has provided some clear…


The Best Running Spots in London

If you have started to think about your New Year’s resolutions and decided to get fit in 2016, we suggest that you take up jogging. The running bug has gripped thousands across the nation especially over the past couple of…


Design: The Most Iconic Modernist Designs

Modernism was the seminal art movement of the 20th century. It was an upheaval and a reaction, a simultaneous progression from the horrors of war into modern technology. Across all mediums, from fashion to furniture, modernism flourished. For the fashion…

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5 Fashion Photography tips for new bloggers

The fashion industry is many things: exciting, innovative, alluring and irresistibly photogenic. As models grace the catwalks, they are lit up by the flash of hundreds of cameras. Behind each one is a fashion photographer – a job that lets…


Feature: How safe is cycling in London?

How safe is cycling in London? We’ve all heard the damning figures. A recent whitepaper by Leisure Lakes Bikes reported that by the end of June 2015, eight cyclists had been killed in London. In comparison, 13 cyclists died in…


The cost of dating in London

While there are many reasons to move to our country’s capital, one of the most common drawbacks is the cost. There’s no escaping it — the Big Smoke is an expensive place to live. With recent figures claiming the average…