Baby Names: The Trends Of 2015

Naming trends come and go. They’re in and out of fashion more than skinny jeans or flares, with popular culture continuing to influence how we name our children. Right now we’re seeing Tyrions and Khaleesis after the Game of Thrones phenomenon.

We’re sure the name Walter took an upturn after Breaking Bad, and we imagine there are some really cool young children crawling around with the name Luther right now.

But what else is on trend?

We welcomed 17 new Tyrions to the world last year, and 244 Aryas, but what names are topping the list?

Well, for the boys in particular, they have a slightly royal theme. George, William, and Harry all feature in the top 10 according to Ladbrokes Bingo’s Baby Book, with Oliver being the most popular name – for the second year running.

It’s no real surprise we’ve seen an influx of royal names with Prince George born in 2013, and Princess Charlotte just earlier this year. In fact, throughout 2014 there were over 18,000 boys born with royal names in the top 10 baby names.

It’s expected Charlotte will start to make a resurgence from number 23 this year with the Duchess of Cambridge giving birth in May, and the royal names continuing to be a favourite amongst British babies. Even the Game of Thrones names parents are giving their children are from fictional royals.

Which of course, in the world of babies, begs one question…what are Hollywood royalty Kim Kardashian and Kanye West going to name their baby boy, due in just a matter of weeks?

Bookmakers are going with Easton, which we can’t imagine Kate and Will naming their next child, but Easton West will certainly suit, particularly with a North already in the family.

We sit and wait until the baby arrives, and you can guarantee there will be a new trend added to royal babies.

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