Bloody Tales of The Tower airs on National Geographic

Maybe it’s our obsession with Game of Thrones or maybe our tastes are just getting more refined but either way National Geographic’s new programme ‘Bloody Tales of The Tower’ has most definitely caught our eye. (Even though it’s not the Hand of the King’s.)

Brave a trip to the Tower with investigator Joe Crowley and Tudor historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb, in the UK premiere on 16 April at 8pm, as this gruesome series explores its infamous blood-spattered past.

Split into three parts focussing on Traitors, Executions & Scandal respectively, Bloody Tales of The Tower looks at some of the biggest names in British history and is complete with fascinating tid-bits such as:

“After Anne Boleyn’s head had been sliced off in just one lethal swing, her lips were still moving in prayer”

Think you know about the Tower of London? Think again. Watch the trailer for the series below:

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