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Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield?

Title: Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield? In a recent article, we took a look at a pivotal question that every sensible film fanatic has to ask himself at one point or another: what would you do if…


What Would You Do If You Could Use The Force?

When you think of Star Wars, you often think of the force. It’s one of the most iconic things about the franchise. It’s powerful, quite mysterious and something we all wish we could master. So what exactly would you do…


5 Christmas Movies To Watch on Netflix Right Now

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’ve had your tree up for about six weeks and you’ve already baked your second batch of mince pies. (Just me?). As a festive superfan I always try to…

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Filmies: the new app that lets you find films you love

When we heard about filmies, a brand new iOS app that gives personalised film recommendations, we were instantly intrigued. No more time spent flicking through Netflix, or scrolling through IMBD; entering The Pitch, Filmies can make finding films instantaneous. We…

Where Are They Now: The Cast of Harry Potter

Three years after the final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II was released, fans may be wondering what their beloved stars are up to now. The days of Harry, Hermione and Ron enjoying Butterbeer and…

Filth Movie

Sponsored video – Filth Trailer

Filth is the latest Irvine Welsh adaptation for the big screen, telling the story of Bruce Robertson, an alcoholic bigot who also happens to be cop.