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Film review: Oblivion

An alien invasion leaves earth confused with memories forgotten. Our review of Oblivion starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.


My Universal Movie Timelines

Universal Pictures have launched a new initiative called ”My Universal” which invites film lovers to “relive the unforgettable DVDs that make you laugh, make you cry and make you, you.”

spring breakers

Film Review: Spring Breakers

Likely leaving you nursing a hangover of your own, ‘Spring Breakers’ is a trashy yet terrific deconstruction of how the glossy excesses of today’s media output, has managed to seduce and influence the actions of its target demographic.

trance film

Film Review: Trance

Despite such miniscule flaws, ‘Trance’ is another timely reminder of the bold brilliance of Boyle. A gloriously visceral mind-f**k with a pulse pounding soundtrack.


Stoker Film Review

Park Chan-wook’s English language debut, Stoker, hits all the right notes, delivering breathtaking style with the assistance of gripping gothic substance.