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Newcastle Quayside at Night

Gayzones, Gayzones

Are some UK cities more gay-friendly than others? Amy seems to think so, from the ‘sweet’ Leeds to the ‘less-acommodating’ Glasgow, what is your home town like?

rupaul drag

A History of Drag (part 2)

The second part in our feature looking at the history of drag from the Stonewall Riots up to the present day with particular focus on the Leeds scene

Mark Howe Drag Shot

A Brief History of Drag (Part 1)

Here at The Queer Sphere we’re interested in all aspects of gay culture, inspired by the BettaKultcha presentation by Martin Carter, we thought we’d ask him to take us through the history of drag as well as put the spotlight on some of the drag queens that inspired him.

grindr logo

To Grind or not to Grind?

There’s plenty more fish on the screen, right?

A lot of gay men find it hard to meet other gay men due to the obvious problem of how do you tell if a guy is gay? Along comes the age of the Smartphone and in steps Grindr, a dating application launched in 2009 which allows gay and bisexual men to find and chat to each other by location.