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Musical Review: Viva Forever

Our review of Viva Forever: an overlong, (mostly) unfunny and underwhelming show which makes even the most devout Spice fan question their musical taste.


Louis C.K at The o2 Arena

Louis C.K made his return to the UK on Wednesday night to play two shows, one at the Apollo and the other at the o2 arena. Our review.


Preview: After What Comes Before

We preview After What Comes Before, a new performance by University of Leeds graduate theatre group Manic Chord Theatre – an interactive work set in Temple Works


Review: Doctor Faustus

We review a new take on the classic sell-you-soul-to-the-devil tale of Doctor Faustus at the West Yorkshire Playhouse


An Evening at the Manor

KPMG is a business which employs over 150,000 people around the world to regulate big businesses and make sure they’re doing alright. But who will watch the watchers?