Competition: Win £100 Amazon Voucher with What Siri is Saying

We’ve all seen funny autocorrect blogs right? Screenshots of smartphones failing to comprehend the user’s input resulting in hilarious texts, well with the release of the iPhone 4s comes a new wave of technology fails.

Siri is a blog an iPhone 4s exclusive voice operated personal assistant which can: send texts, check the weather, organise your diary and even sing you a song if you ask it nicely enough. However, the playful engineers at Apple have included a range of hidden gems and funny responses which make Siri more a personal amusement tool than an assistant! Here are a couple of my favourite film related ones, know which films they’re from?












Our friends over at What Siri is Saying are running a compeition for a £100 Amazon voucher and all you have to do is ask Siri a question. You don’t have to own an iPhone 4s to take part as the people behind the website will do it for you if you ask via their Twitter or Facebook and post the result on the blog. Here are the competition details, good luck!

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