Does David Cameron Want to Ban Same-Sex Kisses on Pre-Watershed TV?

david cameronDavid Cameron’s duplicity never ceases to amaze me, he courted the ‘pink vote’ heavily during the election campaign vowing that the Tory policy on gay rights had changed and then proceeded to stumble his way through an interview with the Gay Times.

Today I learnt he is reportedly supporting an independent recommendation to ban same-sex kisses on pre-watershed (before 9pm) TV , I heard about this through Clifford Green on Twitter who directed me to links on The Advocate and The Mail reporting the story. From reading the Mail article it seems ‘sexually suggestive’ scenes are actually those under fire but the implication remains that same-sex kisses would be targetted since Brookside’s lesbian kiss was the example cited by a ‘source close to the inquiry’ as a scene unsuitable for pre-watershed TV. I disagree that a lesbian kiss would somehow prematurely sexualise a child more than a heterosexual one as the source (and by extension, Cameron?) seems to think.

The recommendation would also target (heterosexual) ‘raunchy dance routines’ and sexually suggestive advertising.

Coronation Street star , Brooke Vincent, who plays lesbian Sophie Webster in the soap spoke out against Cameron on Twitter by saying:

“I swear David Cameron’s meant to be supporting equal rights. I just think if same-sex kisses are what he is prioritising and concentrating on changing, our country’s in trouble.”

Nicely said Brooke! But I will go one step further; Cameron if these reports are true and you support the above you’re a hypocrite who is so out of touch with what people care about you shouldn’t be running the country. Why on Earth do you think supporting this recommendation is important? Please publish this independent recommendation so we can see exactly what it recommends or if all this is just a storm in a tea-cup.

Gay Conservative group LGBTory responded on Lesbian Magazine Lesbilicious:

“The Department for Education, which is overseeing the review, was very clear when they said they will wait until the review is published before expressing any views at all.

“For the Mail to jump from that to ‘the PM supports its recommendations’ is complete nonsense and for Brooke to jump on the Mail bandwagon is surprising to say the least. For her of all people to take part in rumour and speculation where no foundation of a story exists is very sad indeed.”

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    • Marc

      It wasn’t even a response, it was just that a lesbian kiss was used as an example of the type of thing that would no longer be accepted.
      It has nothing to do with sexuality other than that of sexualising our children prematurely.
      This is just the result of either Labour Spin or the Daily Mail/Sun living up to their reputation as a not very reputable source.

      • Jamie

        But isn’t the implication that a same-sex kiss would somehow sexualise children prematurely more than heterosexual one?

        • Marc

          Not from what I can see. The Daily Mail was using examples of what would be banned under the new regulations and it happens that they used a same sex kiss. They also talk about Christina Aguilera gyrating around men which is definitely heterosexual.
          I feel the problem is that the Daily Mail is a rather right-wing paper that has spun this non-story into something that its core demographic would support and made it appear that the report is specifically suggesting a ban on same sex kisses when it is, in fact, just talking about sexual imagery of all kinds.

          The report was also carried out by an independent body that, as of yet, has no government backing.

  1. StarGazer

    I’m shocked to see he only seems to be concerned with same sex kissing. Isn’t there enough sexual content on before the watershed, with different sex couples? I feel somethings are cheapened by ‘sexing’ it up. Same sex kissing is the least of this nations problems regarding relationships.

    • “Same sex kissing is the least of this nations problems regarding relationships” -> principally because it isn’t a problem at all. The watershed is a guideline to prevent children watching 3 hours of carnal rutting and then putting their parents on the spot to explain what the hell it all means. Sexualised television is not a problem, subversive advertising that targets children and convinces them that they *need* a product is.

  2. fight4rights

    Im not gay but that is a load of bull. cameron is a complete turd. Its this kind of thing that develops homophobia.

  3. Rolotwist

    what a horrible person. im gay and that fucking makes my blood boil. he needs 2 step down as prime minister

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