Sponsored Video: Evict Rogue Landlords with Shelter

Any one of us could make a wrong move and find ourselves renting from a rogue landlord.

We agreed to take part in this Shelter campaign due to some pretty horrendous landlord experiences. In a previous 2 year tenancy we had to put up with: the bathroom being out of bounds for 2 weeks, having no hot water for a month and the world’s least cooperative boiler.

But it shouldn’t have to be like this – help stamp out rogue landlords in your area by emailing your council and sharing Shelter’s film with your friends. Watch the below video Shelter have made to highlight the problems rogue landlords cause for their tenants:


The video is littered with shockingly revealing statistics, which in case you missed them include:
– Over 400,000 rented homes had a problem with damp in 2010.
– An estimated 50 accidental deaths and 200 serious injuries are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning each year.
– Nearly 40% of privately rented homes don’t meet the Decent Homes Standard.
– In 2011/2012 more than 85,000 complaints about landlords were made to councils (a figure was has risen by about 30% in the last 3 years).
Despite the above, only 487 rogue landlords were successfully prosecuted last year. Act now by visiting the Shelter website and emailing your local council about rogue landlords in your area.

Sponsored by Shelter but all discontentment towards landlords our own.

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