Fashion Film: La Femme Noire

Something a bit different for us – a fashion film. We saw Oliver Prout’s fashion short La Femme Noire and thought it was ace, and that you should see it too. For more on the film, continue reading, or just jump straight to the good stuff below.

Billed as an ‘experimental fashion film’, La Femme Noire stars Vivenne Westwood model James Quittance, and is shot in film noire style, featuring clothes from  Mugler, Yves Salomon and KTZ, as well as showcasing emerging designers Sabina Motesem and MingPin Tien. A cross between a self aware gangster shoot out you’d probably find Ryan Gosling in, and a Christina video from her Back to Basics era, the short is filled with gratuitous tattooed man flesh, pin up divas and more fake blood than a 999 reconstruction episode. Brilliant.

For more from Oliver Prout, find him on Facebook.

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