Filmies: the new app that lets you find films you love

When we heard about filmies, a brand new iOS app that gives personalised film recommendations, we were instantly intrigued. No more time spent flicking through Netflix, or scrolling through IMBD; entering The Pitch, Filmies can make finding films instantaneous.

We caught up with the founder Neil McCure to ask him about what inspired him to create it.

How did you come up with the idea?

I am a huge film fan, and have all the online accounts; Netflix, Amazon Instant Prime, iTunes, Blinkbox etc. But whenever I sit down to try and watch a film, I can never decide. I spend a long time searching, visiting a ton of websites, and find it hard to filter out the noise out there. There’s just too much out there. A number of my friends were having the same problem so I thought I’d do something about it! We are all about helping film fans in that important moment where they need to decide what to watch, right here right now!

How are you finding start up life?

It’s exciting, challenging, exhausting, inspiring and different! I am juggling my start-up responsibilities around a full-time job so that’s the hardest bit. But I love the challenge it brings; its introducing me to people and experiences you would never get in a normal day job. Launching our crowdfunding campaign for example (live now at, pitching the idea to investors, social media marketing, working with designers and developers; it really is taking me out of my comfort zone. And it gives me that excited feeling when I wake up in the morning!

Is it just iOS for now? Will you do an android version if it works?

Absolutely. We want to focus our energy and effort on just the one platform, making sure we get it right. Once we have completed and launch on iOS, our Android development will begin immediately so there’s shouldn’t be too much of a time-lag. With limited time, we didn’t want to try and do too much at once so we had to prioritise somehow!

And finally…What’s your favourite film?

Apocalypse Now! I find the story compelling, love the strong lead characters, Brando, and the drama of the behind-the-scenes stories that are now almost as famous as the film itself!

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