Gay Pirates – Cosmo Jarvis

When I was contacted via the site a couple of days ago telling me about a song called Gay Pirates I was dubious to say the least. During my first listen I was mostly confused, trying to figure out whether the song and accompanying video were a parody or serious. After several more listens I’m still not sure. I am sure however that I like it.

Gay Pirates is a song by Cosmo Jarvis an Gay PiratesEnglish-American singer, songwriter and filmmaker. Believe it or not, Gay Pirates tells the story of the difficulty of being openly gay on a pirate ship. The object of Jarvis’ affection, Sebastian, is repeatedly told how much he is loved and how he wishes they could go far away. However, the fellow pirates aren’t as liberal as you would hope and throw Sebastian and his love overboard.

Here is the video:

Jarvis’ new album Is The World Strange or Am I? which features Gay Pirates will be released in March of this year.

Thanks to Mari for contacting me.

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