Glow in the dark men’s jeans from Naked & Famous

We’ve already talked to you about our love of brightly coloured jeans as a great alternative to classic denim but Candian brand Naked & Famous have gone one further with their new glow in the dark edition.

With phosphor baked in, the jeans charge up by sunlight look like this in daylight:

mens jeans

and by night (under a blacklight):

Glow in the dark jeans

Amazing right? These jeans are certainly guaranteed to turn heard. However, they jeans don’t come cheap, with a price tag of $240 (available at Barney’s) it may just be that bit much for what is mostly a novelty product. Still, we’re tempted…

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  1. Adam

    Haha, i have never seen these before! they are crazy!.. although how would you decide what to wear? white tshirt.. Fred Perry Shoes .. big decisions.. they are pretty cool though but I actually prefer them when they are green!

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