Got Milk?

film poster milk

Milk is a 2008 film starring Sean Penn which tells the story of Harvey Milk, an American gay activist who became Calafornia’s first openly gay elected official.

His journey to office was far from easy and this film beautifully portrays Harvey’s struggle. The film is cleverly interspersed with actual footage from Harvey Milk’s campaign which add an almost documentary feel to the film.

Milk is a great watch and insight into the American gay rights movement, if you haven’t already seen it, go get it now!


  1. Cris

    After watching this the other day I feel compelled to comment. This is a brilliant film, mixed with actual day footage! My friend (Rowan) tried to ruin the story before I saw it, but alas, it moved me to tears. In fact it moved us all to tears! I dare anyone to watch this and not feel a hint of compassion. He truly was a great guy.

  2. I’m glad you got round to seeing it! I went to the cinema twice haha. The interspersing of actual day footage is brilliant.

    Bloody Rowan, it is very moving – might have to watch it again!

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