Jean Du Jardin – what a guy!

Until a few months ago no one had ever heard of Jean Du Jardin but with the release and incredible success of The Artist the little known french actor has gone from obscurity to Oscar contention. However, if like me you studied French at uni,  it’s not for The Artist you’ll remember him. Based on a hugely popular Quebecois TV series, the French version of Un gars et une filles (A guy and a girl) is commonly used in the classroom as an educational aid for when you know, teachers want to prove how cool they are, innit?

Take yourself down French class memory lane and guess what Jean DuJardin is doing from a selection of the show’s intriguingly cryptic episode titles:

1. Un gars, une filles – dans la cuisine

2. Un gars, une filles – dans la salle de bain

3. Un gars, une filles – une soirée poker

4. Un gars, une filles – départ en vacances

5. Un gars, une filles jouent au football

Thanks to @claudiarowe for reminding me of Jean DuJardin’s humble beginnings.

Au revoir!

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