Kabbee: Nightmare on the Night Bus (Sponsored Video)

Big controversy this week with the ol’ cab stand-off. The Black Cabs have ‘The Knowledge’ – they can pick you anywhere you bloody well like and get you to where you bloody well need to be. The Private Hire Vehicles have slightly less knowledge (probably need a map or a bit of forewarning), but they’ll come to you if you hang on for five minutes while they just turn your corner, and as a result they’re a touch cheaper. Then there’s Uber, who are dead cheap and pretty plush, but unfortunately don’t seem to know their arse from their sat-nav which makes for some amusing viewing when you’re watching the tiny car do laps around your location revisiting the same dead-ends and one-way streets.

Whichever side of the road you’re on, I think we can all agree that when you’re absolutely smashed in the middle of some godforsaken corner of London, way past the tube’s bedtime, head spinning and the five hours dancing starting to weigh heavily on the legs (sometimes it’s your only exercise, you have to make the most of it) – all you want to do is click your fingers and be home.
The one thing making that click seem like obscenely hard work, is more often than not that most dread of London phenomena – The Night Bus. Avoiding it like the plague is generally the best option, but let’s face it, not always the easiest. Picture the scene: You want your own bed – you’re but £1.40 and two hours of a visual assault of puking, fighting, shouting, crying and wildly inappropriate snogging away. That’s quite a toss-up. It’s so cheap. But it’s so awful. In fact Kabbee, saviours of your hometime, have put together a rather accurate and nightmarish imagining of that very predicament.

They’ve done so because they’re here to solve your problem. The Kabbee app, available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry (see, no excuse) lets you compare quotes from 70 of London’s leading cab fleets, based on time, location and type of car. You can then pay by cash, card, or on a pre-paid account. WHAT’S MORE, is that you can get you and your friends £10 worth of credit by sharing referral codes like there’s no tomorrow.

So, as Karl remarked to Homer as he gained access to the executive washroom ‘don’t sit on that filthy thing a moment longer’ – sack the Night Bus. Give Kabbee a bash!

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