My Universal Movie Timelines

Universal Pictures have launched a new initiative called ”My Universal” which invites film lovers to “relive the unforgettable DVDs that make you laugh, make you cry and make you, you.”

They have built an app on their official Facebook page (which we’ve embedded below) which allows you to discover what film was in cinemas when you were born and throughout your lifetime.

A spokesperson for Universal Pictures (UK) said:

“My Universal is not just about celebrating films and TV shows but also key moments that take you back in time, make you remember who you were with and where you saw it. We want the UK to share their unforgettable memories with us, using Universal films and TV shows to inspire them. With Universal DVD and Blu-ray there is no excuse not to re-live those memories and share them with friends and family.”

Here it is, let us know in the comments what was in cinemas when you were born:

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