Nissan Juke NISMO RS x DC Shoes

Of all the moments that stuck with me in my teenage years, one in particular was when your lad mates turned 17, and then sacked off the skateboards for cars. Naturally the cars were bangers at best, apart from that one kid whose mum had bought them a brand new all singing all dancing shiny little bubble; how unfortunate that they then couldn’t wrap their head around a theory test. After 14 cracks at it…anyway. Enough of the materialistic spite. We digress.
The joy of the old banger, is that it could get you anywhere you wanted to be. You could chuck said skateboards in the back, and actually go to say….a skatepark somewhere. Or maybe just on some hair-brained adventure that could very easily have ended in needed mountain rescue. You just needed the aerial to be functioning for your musical accompaniment, and you and your pals suitably excited for a bit of adventuring. The sheer novelty of having a car was THE GREATEST. You could go wherever you wanted.

This neat little video for the new Juke NISMO RS takes this little nostalgic turn of mine and keeps the bloody dream alive. Nissan have collaborated with DC Shoes (my first pair of proper ‘skater’ trainers, I’ll have you know) famed filmmaker Chris Ray, to bring you a flipping cool showcase of some of the best street skaters on the job today. It’s aptly titled ‘The Headlight Sessions’ and nicely captures some amazing skating, phenomenally well lit by the headlamps of the new Juke. Have a watch and nostalge (it is a word) away.

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