Outdoor Fashion Essentials: How to dress for the great(ish) outdoors

Let’s face it, looking good in the great outdoors isn’t always easy. From sporting soggy shoes to wearing mud-spattered slacks, it’s easy to fall foul of fashion faux pas when you leave the comfort of the city and embrace country life. However, as long as you’re savvy when you make your clothing selections, there’s no need to sacrifice style when you head off the beaten track. Here are some outdoor essentials to look out for.


Mud and water are the nemeses of style-conscious country goers. Unless you want to end up waterlogged or covered in dirt, practical footwear is a must. This doesn’t mean you have to fling fashion out the window though. There is a variety of boots and wellies available that feature impressive grip, do a great job of keeping your feet dry and most importantly are the height of style. Hunter boots are some of the best, and you can take your pick from a range of colours and designs. Whether you’re after regular length or short, understated or eye-catching, you should be able to find something that suits.

Jumpers for the quintessential country look
No country wardrobe is complete without plenty of jumpers. As well as being comforting, these timeless garments can exude class and style. They come in handy under jackets on winter days or serve as an alternative to coats in warmer weather. From crew necks to v-necks and from super-soft lambswool or cashmere to chic brushed cotton, there’s a whole world of sweaters to explore. Bear in mind that chunky knits are bang on trend right now.

Why jeans are always a great choice
When it comes to country fashion, jeans have to take the top spot. These hardy garments are perfect for the great outdoors and you can wear them with a whole range of outfits. Whether you’re a skinny fit fanatic or you prefer a wide leg look, you should consider jeans a wardrobe essential. For a relaxed look, simply combine these trousers with a classic white tee, or inject some personality into your ensemble with a striped knit.
Add a touch of class with your choice of blazer
To finish your outfits off to perfection, it’s worth having a couple of blazers in your collection. From the formal double-breasted jacket to sleek fitted designs and striking wide-sleeved styles, there are a plethora of these products to choose from. For an unadulterated outdoors effect, why not go all out and get yourself a tweed blazer?
By making sure you have plenty of practical and stylish clothes, you can ensure you’ll look good even when you’re in the back of beyond.
Images by benjgibbs and used under the Creative Commons License.

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