Five ways to have a productive work from home day

Ah, the elusive work from home day. For some reason (mainly people tweeting photos of themselves in bed with a brew and Netflix), WFH days seem to raise an eyebrow among co-workers. Sure, you might need to wait in for…


The Cliffs of Moher: Harry Potter’s Irish Pride

  It’s perhaps the most famous British film series of all time. We’ll never forget that iconic train station in London, the dramatic Scottish landscape, and the broad Welsh beaches that gave Dobby a final resting place (sob – still…


Nobody does it better: emulating casino fashion

Cinema is an international medium that inspires and captures fashionable trends, setting them into iconic status for viewers to emulate and reimagine. Although many different genres of film can do this, some rouse passion more than others, with casino style…


Top Tips for Travelling Around Europe

From the stunning Alpine scenery of Austria, to the lakes of Italy or cruising down the River Rhine in Germany, Europe has a wonder of delights. Whether you are planning a short trip to enjoy the craic in Dublin or…


Winter Show at Plus One Gallery

Still life has been a well practiced subject in art for centuries. It gives us the opportunity to appreciate the beauty that lies within everyday objects we so often overlook. Hyperrealists Jacques Bodin, Pedro Campos and Elena Molinari all create…


Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield?

Title: Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield? In a recent article, we took a look at a pivotal question that every sensible film fanatic has to ask himself at one point or another: what would you do if…


3 essential tips for aspiring creatives

The creative industry has become a key part of the UK economy, making up a steadily growing portion of the job market. In 2013, creative industries employment accounted for 5.6% of jobs in the UK, that is 1.71 million jobs….


What Would You Do If You Could Use The Force?

When you think of Star Wars, you often think of the force. It’s one of the most iconic things about the franchise. It’s powerful, quite mysterious and something we all wish we could master. So what exactly would you do…


5 Christmas Movies To Watch on Netflix Right Now

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’ve had your tree up for about six weeks and you’ve already baked your second batch of mince pies. (Just me?). As a festive superfan I always try to…

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Science of the film screenplay

A screenplay is the raw essence of a film. Whether it’s absorbing dialogue or even memorable shots – a screenplay maps out the basic settings, characters, scenes and even camera shots in a film. Cartridge Discount has provided some clear…