Is CGI taking the ‘special’ out of special effects?

Since the emergence of CGI in film in the early 70s (the first major motion film to ever use CGI was Westworld way back in 1973) we’ve become accustomed to CGI giving us explosions, talking apes, dinosaurs and, regrettably, Jar Jar Binks….

London outdoor cinema

London Cinema: Best Pop Up Summer Screens

Nothing says summer like finishing off a weekday with a trip to the cinema, outside, with a glass of Pimms and strawberries or a pint of cider and sausage roll. Here’s our list of London’s top 5 Outdoor Cinemas this…

The UK’s top travel sized toiletries revealed

Every stage of preparing for a holiday is exciting – from choosing where to go, to deciding what to take. These days, strict UK regulations mean that passengers have to make sure the toiletries in their hand luggage are the…


Would you have a good poker face?

Whenever I play poker, I pride myself on having the best game face, but, given my track record of losing, I don’t think I’m that great. To be a good poker player you need to be logical, astute, quick thinking,…

LGBT childrens book

This new LGBT childrens book will melt your heart

Australian author A.S Chung believes that: Pride should be a part of every child’s life to en- sure they approach their society and community as an accepting adult. They pave the way for tolerance for the generations to come. So she…


Top 5 Reasons To Move To London

Ever thought about moving to the big smoke and enjoying all that the country’s capital has to offer? If you are still on the fence and unsure about whether to make the switch, maybe our top 5 reasons to move…