Review of Adele’s new album ’21’

“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead”

(Someone Like You, Track 11)

Hailing from Tottenham in London, singer Adele first stepped into the music scene when she released her two time Grammy Award winning debut album ‘19’ in early 2008. Her singles ‘Chasing Pavements’ and ‘Hometown Glory’ gained her much deserved attention as well as her powerful rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’.

I personally loved every minute of ‘19’. I first got into Adele watching her perform ‘Daydreamer’ on Jools Holland back in 2007. I remember feeling something I only feel on rare occasions; like I’ve just discovered the musical equivalent of gold and need to keep digging until I’ve filled all of my pockets with it. In actual terms this usually means I do a frantic search on the Internet for tour dates, early recordings and interviews, but as an arts student I’m partial to the use of metaphors. In summary I become slightly obsessed with artists and their records. If music were a person it would have got itself a restraining order against me by now.

Adele Album CoverSo, after falling effectively ‘madly in love’ with a record what did I think about the second release from Adele, considering the debut went Platinum twice in the UK and Gold in both Canada and the US?


I can safely say I was by no means disappointed and was ready to embark on another metaphorical relationship with Adele.

The album begins with the fiery ‘Rolling in the Deep’, which Adele herself describes perfectly as “a dark bluesy gospel disco tune”. I personally cannot find a better way of describing this opening track. ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is one of my favourites from the album. It incorporates everything I wanted from Adele this time around- spine-tingling vocals, stomping drums, ghostly backing vocals and lyrics to be proud of.

21’ continues with blues infused tracks such as ‘Rumour Has It’, ‘I’ll be Waiting’, ‘One and Only’ and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’. This new style from the British singer is perhaps influenced by her success in America following the release of her first album. Each track spills over with emotion. ‘One and Only’ sees Adele demanding that the subject of the song let her be their ‘one and only’.  Those who are by no means fans of  ‘The Cure’ will hopefully still see the brilliance that is her cover of ‘Love Song’, which melts into listener’s ears. I’m in awe at Adele’s talent. Country, blues and the sound of heartbreak rupture beautifully from within ‘21’.

The final track on the album is definitely worth waiting for. ‘Someone Like You’ showcases Adele’s impeccable range through her heartbreaking lyrics. Every time I hear this song I feel torn apart, something that I strangely enjoy in some kind of sadistic fashion whilst listening to music. What’s more, the piano works diligently alongside Adele’s voice to create a fantastic end to a terrific record.

‘21’ is 11 songs I could listen to all day. I feel proud that Adele has produced such a sensational album.


Adele is playing at various venues across the UK throughout April, check out for tickets.

This review was written by Livi Cracknell who will regularly be contributing her thoughts on today’s music scene as well as other musings.

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