Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 4 Episode 5

Roy Ward returns with his take on the latest episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race

SNATCH GAME! The two words every Drag Race fan longs to hear. What the hell is that?, I hear you cry. Well, do you remember Blankety Blank? The gameshow where D-List celebrities would help contestants finish an amusing sentence, presented by the blonde bombshell herself, Lily Savage? Well in the States, they had their own version, Celebrity Match Game.  The Drag Race version is Celebrity Snatch Game (snatch is a euphemism for….well….Google it.)

The queens have to impersonate a celebrity of their choosing – they have to look like them, talk like them, and be as hilarious as humanly possible. A lot was riding on this challenge for professional Cher impersonator Chad Michaels – this is what she does for a living, and if her Cher wasn’t incredible, she knew she was going to take a lot of heat. She didn’t need to worry for even one second – she was the best Snatch Game contestant of any series ever. She swapped wigs every 5 minutes, she looked utterly indistinguishable from the real Cher and she was incredibly funny. You go, gurrl.

Sharon Needles continued to push the boat out by impersonating Michelle Visage, probably the hardest Drag Race judge to impress, complete with massive boobs, a fake nose and a harsh, New Jersey cackle. It was a massive risk, but by God did it pay off – bitch was hilarious!

Willam really surprised me – she did a hilariously dim Jessica Simpson, who didn’t understand where she was or what the hell was going on. I was disappointed by Kenya Michaels’ bizarre, terrifying and incomprehensible Beyonce, and even last week’s challenge winner Latrice Royale seemed to fade into the background as a constantly eating Aretha Franklin.

My least favourite contestant, Milan, seemed to be playing a cracked out version of Diana Ross, complete with insane lashes that made her look cross-eyed. Also, why does she keep dancing during her runway presentations? Please God, will somebody make her stop. I was happy to see the judges read her for filth on the runway at the end – I really want to see her go home. Phi Phi’s Lady Gaga was absolutely terrible, and the less said about Jiggly’s Snooki the better.

The younger queens on the front row started acting the fool towards the end of the game, and this season’s unofficial matriarch, Latrice, was not impressed. In the workroom after the challenge, she gave them a lecture (including thumping her fist on the work table) on the “romper room f*ckery” and the importance of professionalism. It speaks volumes about how much they all love Latrice that instant apologies were issued.

Kenya Michaels was the one to sashay away this week, and it was sad to see her go – she was a fierce little queen but she proved that to succeed in Drag Race you have to be a lot more than just a beautiful girl. The holy trinity of Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels and Latrice Royale has begun to form – they’re the most honest, most talented and most exciting contestants of this whole season, and I would gladly take any of them as my drag mother.

How is Milan still in this competition? Is Willam as fake and calculating as her crocodile tears on the runway? Will Dida Ritz start wearing better wigs? Tune in next week to find out!

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