SPONSORED POST: Vodafone High Definition Calls

Have you ever experienced High Definition voice calls? You’ll know about it if you have. The clarity is actually a little unnerving. It’s like the object of your phone call is stood right next to you.
Vodafone are taking it to the next level, with a major new enhancement to their mobile technology; High Definition quality voice calls across the UK on Vodafone-to-Vodafone compatible phones.
We’re more connected to each other via technology than ever before, and as such, that grainy, muffled sound (nostalgic though it may be), is less and less appealing as we share more and more over greater distances via video and mobile. Those with compatible phones will have the privilege of automatically switching to HD voice technology when in 3G range. However, the technology is not limited to 3G customers as Vodafone’s ultra fast 4G customers will also benefit from the HD quality experience when their phone connects to 3G to make phone calls.
Vodafone’s new series of videos highlights the moments where clarity matters, and makes an impact on the communications we conduct using our technology.
In the case of John, in the video featured below, the call is a matter of life and death. Worth remembering that the chances of getting a donor, whether it be for an organ, or bone marrow, are heartbreakingly slim, and the wait can be agonising. To learn you’d got one would be a call you’d never forget, and with Vodafone’s HD roll-out, they’re making sure that you get every last syllable, because ‘Every Second Counts’.

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