Stephen Fry

stephen fry gay rolemodelComedian, author, broadcaster and all round polymath Stephen Fry is a hugely popular public figure. He started off in comedy with his friend Hugh Laurie but is today probably best know for his TV work. QI aside, Stephen Fry has made some compelling and revealing documentaries on the subjects of depression and HIV. His series Stephen Fry in America was a refreshing look at our friends across the pond, free from all-too-common British snobbery about the Americans and revealed Fry’s true passion for the USA.
He may be a national treasure but Fry certainly isn’t without critics, many claim he is a narcissistic smug and his recent remarks about female sexuality caused controversy in the media and criticism from prominent feminists such as Germaine Greer.

However, even his harshest critic can’t accuse him of not giving many young gay men someone to look up to. He isn’t the camp bitchy queen that we normally see in the public eye and has achieved great success without having to conform to a stereotype.


  1. Kirsty Hulse

    Fry was quite clearly quoted out of context here. His comments had no grave sexist connotations and were simply his own observation about gender differences, with no preference or insult put on either side. It is a shame when a clearly liberal and educated man gets presented with this unwelcome taboo by women with a complex about being women.

  2. Cris

    After finally reading the article, it’s clear that he didn’t mean anything harsh by his comments at all. They are only ‘sexist’ when taken out of context and completely distorted.

    I think he is clearly a role model for all gay men, no sordid affairs, no drug abuse, no orgies; and if he does all these, he hides it well!

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