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Downton Abbey Series Blog – Series 2, Episode 8. The Finale!

Thus it draws to a close … and all I can say is be glad my mother wasn’t writing this blog because nothing would have been a surprise.  Matthew wounded but not seriously (in the end)?  Check.  Lavinia dying of Spanish flu?  Check.  Bates killing…


Downton Abbey – Series 2, Episode 7 Review

Apologies for the delay on this week’s post – the frivolities of Halloween have taken their toll on my fragile head. But what of Downton, what ghouls and spectres came out to haunt the house members this week?

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Downton Abbey series 2 episode 6 review

Someone claiming to be the heir returns, Mrs. Bates gets her comeuppance, Mary is betrothed to a bully and oh yeah, the war is over. Read Claudia’s review of a thrilling episode of Downton Abbey.