Taking inspiration from Victorian home design

Across the web, there are many features that are concerned with traditional furniture design focusing on modern trends.

We’d like to take a step back to a more artistic era, that of the Victorian generation. An age of wealth, elegance and rising industry, Victorian architecture remains a splendour that you can replicate in your own home. Conjure luxury and grandeur by taking your home back in time.

Victorian-inspired homes combine rich colour, lavish carpets, rugs and wood as a central feature. Comfort and an air of grandeur are the most noticeable elements in Victorian design. Join us as we walk you through the elements that should be included in any Victorian-inspired home.

Living/sitting room

The first immediately noticeable feature of any home is the walls. Bright colours will distract, while more muted pastels and whites are elegant and stately. The Victorian style works well with colours or whites, depending how you tailor them. Walls should be painted with a matte finish or wallpapered with some truly historic Victorian floral print patterns.

A hardwood dado rail can separate your room for a more traditional look. Alternatively, add a picture rail higher up near the ceiling. Consider coving, cornices and carvings to add grandeur to your walls and ceiling.

Throughout the room and home you should replace your fittings and fixtures with more ornate looking ones. Replica chandeliers, beaded lampshades and lanterns are all good ideas to help transport your home back in time.

A fireplace is a classic Victorian style centrepiece. An electric fireplace is a low cost alternative and you can house it in a replica Victorian-style fitting. Throw some antique bellows or fire tongs next to the fireplace to add some truly authentic period-relevant chic, regardless if you’re going to use it or not.

Flooring in the Victorian era is comprised mainly of hardwood, so filling your home with dark laminate flooring will help emulate the era. Throw lavish rugs over the floors to warm things up, but make sure the rugs match the colour of your walls. White walls against hardwood flooring is a striking, period-centric look.

Furniture should be chosen to complement your colour scheme. Most materials should be wooden with a fabric topping – preferably with dark leather or floral print toppings. Wood should either be painted white or be dark; oak, mahogany and teak are all good choices.

Breakfast room/dining room

Rooms reserved for eating should be centrepieces, as Victorian families would spend a lot of time together in parlours and dining rooms eating meals. An oak furniture set adorned with luxurious tablecloths in a room otherwise unadorned keeps the focus on mealtimes.


Kitchens are modern places of meeting but were also areas of high activity in Victorian times. An island kitchen is a great idea to fuse modern ideas with Victorian sensibility. Paint some cabinets with a pale blue paint and add in plenty of cupboards with ornate handles.


A bedroom should be practical and comfortable, so keep it modern but add in floral wallpaper and perhaps add a four poster bed for a truly luxurious feel.


Combine modern plumbing with a Victorian-style free standing bath tub for a truly extraordinary bathing experience as well as a visually striking centrepiece for your bathroom.




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