The “Boom – Gay!” Moment

Every good queer has their “boom, and that’s when I knew I was a gay” moment. Don’t they? Well, I do. It’s good to have that fail-safe story to pull out, something charming, naive, exciting. It’s something heterosexuals aren’t lucky enough to have, and it makes us feel that bit special.Boom

I’ve heard stories of awkward changing room moments, teacher crushes, and interesting feelings towards cast members of Neighbours. But, because I am a narcissist, let’s hear mine. To, you know, break new and exciting ground.

Let’s set the scene. Primary school aged me on the London underground with my family. Little Northerner heads to the big city, the noise, the lights, the people – Harrods. All so new and exciting, senses zinging with external stimuli. Sat opposite me was a lady in an olive green skirt-suit. She had shiny brunette hair, and was reading (what I later realised to be as it was pink) the Financial Times. Looking at her (possibly too intensely) I was overwhelmed by the thought “I want to be this lady’s husband”. Which was particularly confusing given Tammy Girl me had no desire what-so-ever to be a boy.

And that’s when I knew I was a massive gay. Cue laughter, awws, comments.

So, um, there we go! Short but sweet. What’s your story dear readers?

This feature piece was written by Amy Ekins, writer of fiction and non-fiction alike. She is training as a Project Manager for a publishing company, a graduate of English Literature and Creative Writing, and can be found at – Go on, give her a tweet!


  1. Roisin

    There wasn’t a particular “boom” moment for me. Throughout my childhood I had always been fascinated, in a way, with females, teachers, friends etc. and I never suspected anything of it. It was only when the feelings became less about general idolisation and more about wanting to kiss someone that I realised everythin wasn’t quite as heterosexual as I’d thought. It was a gradual thing, really.

  2. Cris

    Good story!

    I’m afraid there was no ‘Boom – Gay!’ moment for me either. I simply always found boys attractive and not girls. I think the first time anyone really knows that they are gay is their first time ‘with’ a member of the same sex. That made it solid in my mind.

  3. Daniel

    I did have a ‘Boom’ moment. Although I have always been attracted to boys I went through a long stage where my sex drive was too high to partner up with just the boys of the tiny village I grew up in as finding a boy was hard enough let alone one that was open to experimentation. So I declared my bisexuality.
    After my ‘bisexual’ stage I went through a long self denial stage and finally when I was 16, fresh out of School and into college I was taken, by a couple of Girlfriends and a few of the more artistic boy students, to the local gay bar and when I saw the dancing and the colours I decided I was home and it hit me that I was in fact a fully fledged Homosexual.

    • Jamie

      Ah, another one! So it’s 2 v 2 at the moment.

      Thanks for the comment Daniel, I do vividily remember my first time on the gay scene and like you say, the music and the colors certainly made an impression.

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