The Conjuring Trailer

Described as the "horror event of the year" The Conjuring, directed by James Wan (Insidious, Saw) comes to UK cinemas next week. Based on the true story of a paranormal investigation by demonologist and clairvoyant couple Lorraine and Ed Warren, who investigated the "Amityville Horror" case in which a New York couple said their house was haunted by a demonic presence.

The film follows a different family, The Perrons, who are tormented by supernatural phenomenon in their home (set in 1971 Rhode Island) causing increasingly disturbing events (including some pretty creepy children).
As well as enjoying positive reviews from its release in the states, The Conjuring smashed box office records for the biggest opening weekend for an original R-rated Horror movie.
Watch the trailer below (just make sure you turn the lights on first):


The Conjuring creeps its way into UK cinemas August 2nd.


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