The (friendly) zombies are coming

We love zombies at TQS. The fast ones, the slow ones, the funny ones, from World War Z to Dawn (or Shaun) of The Dead: the undead really float our boat. What other genre of film has you actively think out your own personal action plan (and even commit it to paper, if you’re really serious). But are zombies always the flesh eating horde they’re made out to be, or has the media given them a bad rep? Different doesn’t have to be scary as GiffGaff prove in this fantastic short film:

Who knew? As well as taking over the world one groan and limp at a time they can also: help a cat down from down a tree, fix your TV reception and even help jump start your car. Don’t be scared.


giffgaff is a mobile network run by its members. Don’t be scared, it’s just a different way to do mobile. #dontbescared



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