The new Hollywood trend: vaping movie characters

You’ve probably seen it on the street, or maybe among your friends — people taking drags from pen-like objects instead of a cigarette. It’s called vaping, and it’s a smoke-free alternative to, well, smoking. Over the years, vaping has been making its way as an alternative to smoking not only in our lives, but in many Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows. 
With more and more high-profile actors turning to e-cigarettes, many of the latest Hollywood TV series and blockbusters are also starting to adopt vaping in smoking scenes. There is logic behind this, especially considering that many actors do not smoke in real life and prefer vaping instead of actually smoking. And it is always exciting to see an e-cigarette in the hands of an A-list celebrity in a movie!

The e-cigarette is becoming increasingly commonplace in movies, which will only lead to even more vaping scenes. Many actors have been seen with vaporizers in real life, while others have been spotted vaping in award ceremonies, including GI Joe star Sienna Miller.

An independent study published by the UK’s Public Health England (PHE) reports that e-cigarettes are less harmful to one’s health compared to tobacco and is actually able to help smokers quit this habit.

Among the findings of the research include the fact that e-cigarettes are approximately 95% less harmful than smoking, and about 45% of the population does not realize that vaping is much less harmful compared to smoking. In addition, the study shows that there is no evidence showing that e-cigarettes are a starting point for kids or non-smokers into the habit.

But, let’s go back to movies. Did you know that Zac Efron has been vaping throughout the entire “Bad Neighbors” movie? He did. Also, the main character in FX’s “The Bridge” was also vaping in one of the episodes. There was also a lot of vaping in American television police drama “Detroit 1-8-7”. Movie-dinosaur Kevin Spacey also used an e-cigarette in critically acclaimed drama “House of Cards”.

Do you remember that movie with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, “The Tourist”? In this movie, Depp was shown vaping and he was looking pretty cool.

Even the older generation of actors vaped in movies. Some of them include Dennis Qaid in “Beneath the Darkness” and John Cusack in “Drive Hard”, but also in “Maps to the Stars”.

It seems that Cusack is Hollywood’s go-to guy for vaping in movies. Probably his agent is all like “I got a role that calls for a vaper, John, are you in?” He is totally that guy.

What about John Goodman in the “Hangover 3” movie? He absolutely vaped. Also, Captain Elliott Neese on board the Saga ship on “Deadliest Catch”, the Discovery reality show, has been vaping for more than one season.

Although this is just a short list of A-list actors, movies and TV shows, e-cigarettes are here to stay. With so many Hollywood productions being released, it is certain that eventually vaporizers will be more broadly adopted in the future. The sky’s the limit.

Can you imagine James Bond having a vaporizer? An e-cigarette that can blow clouds of dense enough for him to hide in and escape villains? While Ecig Reviews may not have covered any model that can do that yet, I think the idea would be fantastic.

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