This weeks DVD releases

Check out the latest films that are available now on DVD and Blu-Ray:


Aaron Sorkin brings us the real-life story of Major League Baseball general manager Billy Beane, who built a winning team despite a decreased budget thank to his cunning ability to use statistical data to calculate the best (and obviously cheapest) players for his roster. Moneyball also stars Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

moneyball dvd

Forget Me Not

Playing on the horror favourite of ‘people do not forget bad things’, Forget Me Not is the story of Sandy Channing and her friends who, when they were younger, committed a terrible wrong against an innocent peer. Years later, Sandy is now class president, and no one seems to remember the incident. But then, Sandy’s friends begin to disappear, meaning she has to face the wrath of this supernatural terror and unearth the truth of what happened so many years ago.

forget me not dvd

American Bully

An interesting examination into the link between TV violence and the related consequences. After viewing an internet video of a graphic beheading, something snaps inside of the already troubled teenaged Brand (Matt O’Leary). His obsession with the video leads to a shocking climax against his fellow classmates.

american bully dvd

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