Sponsored Video: Tiger Beer #Uncage

Have a recommendation if you’d like one – Tiger Beer. Pre-gin it was Anthony Burgess’ favourite tipple, and if it can produce the likes of A Clockwork Orange, then I think we could all benefit from a bottle. In fact writing this I’m absolutely convinced that they made a blood orange variety once which was insanely delicious, but there’s every chance I’m making that up. All information as to its whereabouts welcome.

Anyway. I digress. (Tigress?) The folks at Tiger have made a beautiful new series of adverts encouraging you to unleash yourself from your cage, or more snappily and hashtaggily – #uncage. Throw caution and conformity to the wind and do whatever the heck you like. Stylishly of course. In the three videos we have a stuntman (who conducts a pretty flippin’ impressive dive out of a plate glass skyscraper), a tattoo artist, and a filmmaker, who have all just about had it with your expectations if they’re honest. They’ve nailed that rare breed of promo where you’re just enjoying watching, and between the gorgeous old typewriter, aforementioned building dive, and glass boxes full of butterflies, there’s a lot to enjoy.

So whether you’re one of our readers from the UK, or perhaps a little further afield in say….Australia (actually the other side of the world), or wherever else this ode to the excellently tasty beverage may make its way to, there’s a little scope for all of us to get a little bolder and leave the cage – whether literal or figurative (hey, I don’t know what you’re into) behind, and do what you fancy this summer. If there’s a Tiger in hand, then all the better for it.

Here’s ours, office cage to street art freedom:













Post sponsored by Tiger Beer, all thoughts our own.

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