TQS Magazine x Friend or Faux

You’ve probably already met Friend or Faux – they’re the brand de jour for men’s streetwear. Go to any pretty summer event and you’ll see many a man dressed in Faux (we’re calling it Faux but we feel a bit dickish doing that. Stick with us). If you’re in the market for some topless ladies, or a screaming panther, you won’t be disappointed, but it can sometimes feel that everyone is doing that every year. We often find that when a brand is known for something, or that particular line becomes popular, you can find hidden gems lurking on the second or third page. It’s like they want to showcase the other cool stuff they can do.

So whilst they are most known for their outlandish range of graphic tees – and by graphic, we don’t mean print – we thought we’d showcase the softer, summery side of the brand. The shirts come in an achingly soft blended fabric, which are great for keeping cool. The prints remind us of holidays to Newquay, sitting on the beach and admiring the surfers. Even though it’s nowhere near as warm or sunny up in the grim north, we’re basking in a bit of sartorial sunshine with these. And with the editing effect that makes it look much nicer than when we actually shot them. Seriously, what’s going on? It’s FREEZING.

See more at Friend or Faux.

Friend or Faux 4

Friend or Faux 5
Friend or Faux 3

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