Trinity 2.8 Days Later Film Challenge

On the 18th November commercial development Trinity Leeds and Leeds based production company Left Eye Blind teamed up to challenge 150 filmmakers to write, shoot and finish a short film in just under 3 days. 25 films were made as a result and on Thursday night TQS were invited along to the Media Choice Award judging panel, after a 3 hour screening session and much discussion/debate (and even more popcorn) we cast our votes – I won’t be giving anything away here as the winner will be announced at a special screening later in the year, I have however selected  3 of the shorts that really stood out:

Reflections by Lauren Pissochet

A combination of visual and performance art, Reflections is an abstract short rich in visual imagery and showcases accomplished technical ability. (Click still to watch)

Immersed by Ed Greenberg & Jordan Strange 

This short follows a desperately lonely man whose humdrum life is turned on its head by the discovery of a fantastical canal. With the strongest narrative of the films we saw, Immersed is an impressive piece of storytelling which powerfully examines one man’s lonliness with an original take on the set theme of reflections.  (Click still to watch)

Pop, Bubble, Wrap by Spike Stinson

An unashamedly whimsical short about the simple joy of popping bubble wrap, Pop, Bubble, Wrap is a charming film which would put a smile on the sourest of faces.  (Click still to watch)


Some of the films produced were truly impressive especially considering the time and budgetary (there was none) requirements, there were a few real shockers though but that’s to be expected with any short film collection. However, it’s not the spirit of the challenge to name and shame – go and watch them all and decide for yourself!

Trinity are also awarding a People’s Choice Award, to vote simply ‘like’ your choice on Facebook. You can watch all the short films on the Trinity Leeds Facebook Page


  1. Rob

    Immersed is pretty good.

    The top one is an absolute load of arty bullshit and the bubble wrap one required zero filmmaking talent. In fact of these 3, I would say that Immersed is the only one that deserves to be in this competition as it is the only one that makes any attempt at a narrative. You know, a narrative – them things that FILMS have??

    • admin

      Hey Rob, thanks for the comment.

      I’m glad you liked Immersed but I think your other comments aren’t entirely fair. Narratives do not necessarily a film make. Whole strands of experimental cinema have no narrative at all and a director as well known as David Lynch could be said to abandon narrative (at least traditional) in some of his features.

      • Rob

        to be honest your view on this, is somthing that i would have to totaly disagree. even in films where narrative has been “abandoned” you will find that they contain narrative or meaning within the astetic.
        I would agree with rob in that the only film out of thoese 3 that even have a shot at winning should be immersed. The reasoning is for this is that they have understood the editing process. Reflections wasnt edited to anything, it looked as if it was a collection of pritty shots, put to some sort of music that was then later changed. Totaly looks out of place. But i do agree that the film pop bubble wrap, does have some charm that the others seam to misplace. but the fact it looks again as if it was there first time making a film,

        • Laura

          I like these films. I entered. I think they are all very different and a
          good choice to represent some of the highlights of the competition.
          There’s nothing in the terms and conditions that say, Students or
          First Time Film-maker’s can’t enter! I think it’s a good
          opportunity for them to practice their skills, and on a deadline
          such as this, their creativity. Established Film-makers should be
          helping and supporting new talent, offering advice and being
          encouraging. The best films will win, which they are entitled to, and
          the ones that could improve wont. But i’m sure it’s not why all of
          them entered, it was an opportunity to do more film-making
          and do something creative.

          I Produced ‘Both in Time’ – which definatley is not the greatest
          film out there, and I learnt alot from the process and had never
          done a quick turn around competition such as this. I think all of
          films have got a good basis, I’m not a student and I could have
          improved on my entry! But it was a good process and
          Left Eye Blind have been a great help!

          Looking forward to seeing all of them at the Screening in the
          Spring, and I have no idea who’s gonna win, there’s a few up there
          I think – but it’s pretty close in my mind! Good Luck everyone for the
          last sprint of voting!

  2. Spike Stinson

    Some rough comments, but we enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.

    I think the main reason we didn’t go for a narrative is because of the time constraints, I think we would have found it difficult to come up with a story we were happy with in a day, so we focussed more on the brief “reflection” a lot of the films who have chosen a narrative structure however have blown us out the water so its a difficult one to call.

    I would say though, that a lot of people tried very hard on these films and getting everything done in a weekend wasn’t easy, I’m sure I’m not the only one who found it rather stressful.

    So whilst I appreciate constructive criticism, swearing and insulting peoples work can be a little over the top and probably ruin the point you’re trying to make, however valid.

  3. rob blake

    someone said they thought the rob that wrote this was me (rob blake) – it wasn’t! just read this now. i don’t agree with slandering peoples art on a public forum. it’s all a matter of taste.

    really fun being part of this, well worth a sleepless weekend.

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