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The world of UK film blogging can sometimes feel a very London-centric affair. Press events, screenings and general opportunities rarely make it much further afield than the M25. This might seem only natural considering it’s the capital but in the 2 year life of TQS (which covers pop culture in general but with focus on film) we’ve met and spoken to hundreds of non-London-based film bloggers who share our frustration.

Therefore we’re launching a project which aims to map as many UK based film bloggers as possible with the (wildly optimistic) hope of some screenings and events in our neck’s of the woods. Or at the very least, to help you connect with other bloggers in your area.

We’d like to add this project is in no way biased against our London based brethren – please do add yourselves to the map below as well and this map can become a hub of the best UK film blogs.

The more people fill in the form to add their film blogs to the map the better, so what are you waiting for? Blogs will be manually reviewed so please only fill in the form if you have a relevant blog.

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inspired by (and with help from) Ceriselle’s Fashion Blogger Map 

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