Sponsored Video: V-energy presents V-hab – Silence the Troll

Online trolls – they’re everywhere, and it’s only getting worse. V-Energy are going on a mission to out online trolls, to get them to come out from under their cyber bridge and to encourage them to see the light and stop the trend for online bullying and cyber trolling.

Trolls will get ‘treated’ at V-Hab.com to breed positive energy through the online space.

To promote the campaign, V-Energy have made the following video where online trolls are out in force in the real world though the V-Energy shush kitten manages to silence them. Using references from real online situations, on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and online gaming to shine a torch on the absurdity of trolling.

Trolls, it’s time to check in to V-Hab

Sponsored by V-Energy Drink

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