What Would You Do If You Could Use The Force?

When you think of Star Wars, you often think of the force. It’s one of the most iconic things about the franchise. It’s powerful, quite mysterious and something we all wish we could master. So what exactly would you do if you had the power of ‘the force’ in real life?

We’re going to share things you can do with the five main force powers. See what takes your fancy…

Never pay for anything again
We could write a list as long as our arms on how we’d like to use Jedi mind tricks. It has to be the most sought-after benefit of the force – just imagine what you could do. Our initial thought is not having to pay for anything again. Ever. And there seems to be a consensus. Simply persuade bankers to give you money, tell your electricity supplier that you won’t ever pay your bill, and encourage the estate agent to give you that house for free. It’s incredibly selfish, but we’d all do it wouldn’t we?

Toast marshmallows
The Sith uses his lightning force to inflict pain upon people, but imagine how great this ability would be if you were in desperate need of toasting some marshmallows. Without having to start a fire or turn on the gas hob, you’d have a tasty treat for you and your friends. Okay, so it’s not exactly world domination. But it’s pretty cool.

Move things
Think how much easier it would be to move house if you used telekinesis. Or how convenient it would be to simply push an obstacle out of the way. Tidying the house would be a darn sight easier (we’d simply move everything under the bed) and pushing someone out of the way with the power of your mind could be useful and, quite frankly, funny. There is the worry of becoming incredibly lazy though, isn’t there?

Don’t hurt yourself
Jedi knights have truly wonderful reflexes, which is something we’d all like to possess, and is the reason why most Jedi battles often last longer than 10 minutes. Think about it – if anyone tried to hurt you, you could most likely avoid it. If something randomly comes hurtling towards you, it wouldn’t cause a scratch. And walking into the corner of the coffee table? It just wouldn’t happen.

Be the best investigator there’s ever been
Jedi Master Quinlan Vos is the only known Jedi with psychometry, which is the ability to learn about people or events associated with them simply by touching them. Isn’t that cool? You could use it to help law enforcement to great effect. Plus, no one could ever lie to you again because you’ll know their every dark secret. The question is… would you want to know?

Being able to use the force in any one of these ways would be a fantastic asset, but let’s not deny that it could also be a curse if not used responsibly.

If you were blessed with the force, what would you do with such exceptional powers?

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