What would you do with a lotto win?

We all harbour dreams of what we’d do if we won the lottery, but often the reality for many lottery winners doesn’t seem to be as sweet as you’d imagine it to be. The newspapers are always full of lotto winners who have had it all and ended up with nothing a few short years later, or of couples who were happy until they won the lottery and then ended up splitting up. Possibly the worst stories are those of lost tickets and unclaimed jackpots. Imagine having the winning ticket and not being able to find it!

Still, it doesn’t stop the rest of us from dreaming and ‘knowing’ that if we won the lottery, we’d be able to handle it right! It helps that we can now take part in any number of lotteries from wherever we are, thanks to the fact that you can buy tickets online. At Lottoland, for example, you can buy tickets to enter the Spanish Christmas lottery, the UK National Lottery and the Irish Lotto as well as Euromillions, Powerball and MegaMillions. It’s a one stop shop for all your lotto needs – as well as buying tickets you can check the latest Irish Lotto results online as well as all the others of course, so there’s no need to sit through the lotto shows on TV.

The most recent film to focus on the lottery was the 2010 comedy Lottery Ticket, starring Bow Wow as a boy from the projects who gets a fortune cookie with lucky numbers inside. He puts those on a lottery ticket and wins, but his problem is keeping his $370 million winning ticket safe from all his friends and acquaintances who want a split of his win until the Lottery office reopens after the holiday weekend. If only he’d bought his ticket online he wouldn’t have half the problems he has in the film safeguarding his new fortune!

Of course, it’s only fiction, but you can imagine that would definitely be one of the downsides of a big win – everyone knowing you had won and asking you for a share in it. Still, it’s a hassle that most people don’t think they’d mind dealing with!

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