Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield?

Title: Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield?

In a recent article, we took a look at a pivotal question that every sensible film fanatic has to ask himself at one point or another: what would you do if you could use the Force? The possible answers to this question are innumerable, but it’s also likely that the Force is the “correct” answer to a new question I want to pose: which weapon from all of sci-fi would you most like to wield?

Okay, I know… the Force isn’t a weapon; it’s an intangible energy swirling through every living being and binding it all together. So for now we’ll discount the Force and focus instead on legitimate weapons that you can pick up and do some damage with, or at least twirl around in your bedroom while no one’s looking. And in that category, here are some of the great sci-fi film weapons that came to mind….


Could this discussion really have begun anywhere else? The lightsaber is the epitome of sci-fi weaponry because of its iconic place in film history, objective awesomeness, and possible scientific unfeasibility (there’s some debate about this). The trouble with owning one, however, is that the toys are really gimmicky and the more advanced models are really expensive. And the real thing is out of this world: according to a magazine article at Lottoland, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the original Star Wars film sold for $240,000 (or roughly £165,000) at auction!

Predator’s Smart-Disc

It’s not the flashiest looking piece of weaponry, and it certainly doesn’t hold a candle to the lightsaber in terms of general status in sci-fi, but the Smart-Disc wielded in Predator 2 was pretty incredible. Think of it like Captain America’s shield. Only instead of clunking off of things, it can cut through them; and instead of randomly assuming boomerang qualities, it’s controlled by technology (so that said boomerang qualities actually make sense). This nasty little object ranked eighth on a list at IGN of the coolest sci-fi film weapons, but I’d put it higher.

The Noisy Cricket

I’m kind of trying to avoid guns of any kind on this list because in the end they mostly do the same thing. There isn’t really a single gun in sci-fi that stands out as cooler than all the rest, but the Noisy Cricket from Men In Black wins points for being the size of a keychain. This miniature gun famously packed a gigantic punch that sent Will Smith flying backward like he’d just been catapulted. So, if nothing else, it would be a really fun toy to play with at lakes and beaches. Just imagine the water sports shenanigans! Unfortunately, like every other sci-fi weapon worth its salt, the Noisy Cricket doesn’t actually exist. Although, Factory Net carries a replica that runs about $400 (or about £275).

Yaka Arrow

If you saw Guardians Of The Galaxy, you saw one of these deadly little instruments in action. Basically it’s a thin metal blade that Yondu (the annoying blue guy) controls merely by whistling at it. The concept of this weapon is explained at Comic Vine as an extension of the almost poetic powers possessed by Yondu. Basically, Yaka arrows are made of metal from Yondu’s home planet, and those who possess a strong relationship with nature can control them by way of whistling at them. So long as you could control it as deftly as Yondu does, this would surely be among the most enjoyable sci-fi weapons to own.

This list could go on and on to include numerous awesome weapons from all corners of sci-fi. There are guns, shields, high-tech grenades and stunners, and even non-lightsaber swords—and that’s without even touching on some of the incredible weaponry attached to ships and bases! But for personal ownership and non-lethal fun and games, the four weapons above would top my list. How about yours?

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