Why everyone should watch Don’t Tell the Bride

With thousands of channels showing everything from Eddie Stobart documentaries to extreme bodily anomalies, I find my Sky Plus (fancy, I know) gets clogged up by recording anything that might ever pique my interest.  But there’s one show, aired on BBC3, which is always a winner whatever my mood: Don’t Tell the Bride.  Before judging and deriding me for such a base and unworthy addiction, here’s a little summary about why I think everyone should give it a try!

  • It’s an emotional rollercoaster:  From the heart-wrenching split when bride-to-be leaves groom-to-be on his todd through dress tantrums and a loving reunion, this show takes you through the whole spectrum in under 60 minutes.
  • Bridezillas are entertaining:  You’d think, with the fiancée out the picture, crazy brides wouldn’t be in the picture.  But oh no, in actual fact the show encourages irrational anger in its brides by letting them pick out their dream wedding and then panic and cry about how their beloved will never get it right.



  • Clueless grooms are entertaining: On the other side of the coin, the sheer uselessness of most grooms just goes to prove that women probably do run the world.  From the guy that blew the cash on a party in Vegas to the bewildered bride walking into a sci-fi themed wedding, giggles are guaranteed.
  • It usually comes good:  Whatever tribulations the show takes us through, you’re (almost) always guaranteed a happy ending.  Most memorable has to be the guy who absolutely tanked booking a wedding in New York, but which turned out to be the cutest, quirkiest Alice in Wonderland theme for one ecstatic bride.

Judge me, I can take it.  But give it a go just once and you’ll be sucked in.

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