Would you have a good poker face?

Whenever I play poker, I pride myself on having the best game face, but, given my track record of losing, I don’t think I’m that great. To be a good poker player you need to be logical, astute, quick thinking, strategic and have the ability to read people and recognise the difference between truth and lies.

However these infographics by pokerstars show that some of the most unassuming professions may be hiding some of the best players.

Judges, for example, would make excellent poker players. The ability to control emotions, keep a straight face and make decisions under pressure is a skill that comes in handy both in the court room and at the table. If you’re career and day to day activity is founded upon the ability to detect truth, or lies, in a sea of evidence, then you’re likely to be a dab hand at working out when you’re being double bluffed.

If you work in sales, too, you’re also likely to have those keys skills that makes a high roller. Persistence in the game, the ability to read peopl and second guess their next move and win them over to your way of thinking.

Could you career help you have the perfect poker face?

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